A Look At What A Coffee Enema Has To Offer

Are you wondering what a coffee enema can do for you? Possibly you have heard a few terrific features of taking a coffee colonic irrigation  but not enough to do something about it. If so, then you might want to find out a few aspects of how it works and how it might benefit you. Just then can you decide whether it is even worth your energy and time?

In this post, we will have a look at a couple of ways that you can take advantage of a coffee enema. More notably, you will have a mutual understanding of how the latter works. Learning these things might be all the motivation you have to get a coffee enema kit despite what you thought of it at first.

What can coffee colonic irrigation provide for you?

Many people tend to find coffee enemas weird and who can blame them. After all, you are taking a caffeinated option and injecting it deep into your rectum. Keep an open mind, though, and you will find that there are lots of benefits of taking a coffee enema that make the procedure worthy of consideration.

Cancer treatment

Coffee colonic irrigation can be a practical option treatment for cancer, and if you have done some reviews about coffee enemas, then you would understand that the latter is among the most popular reasons that individuals consider taking them.

While you may have heard about coffee enemas just recently, the idea is nothing new. Enemas have been around for centuries and using a caffeinated solution to deal with cancer, and other devastating diseases started in 1928.

Irritated with the adverse effects of conventional cancer treatments on the body, Dr Max Gerson began dealing with a holistic technique to treating a few of his clients the majority of which were terminally ill at the time. He then published the result of his deal with 50 case studies and produced the “Gerson Therapy”; a completely natural approach to cancer treatment that leverages the cleansing effect of coffee enemas along with a strict diet that consists entirely of fruit and vegetable juices.

The objective of this treatment is to reduce the level of toxic substances and carcinogenic compounds accumulated throughout the years, also, to keep the body from taking in more. If cancer development is the direct outcome of having embedded toxic substance and waste deposits of the body, eliminating the latter should help reverse the procedure providing the immune system with a fighting chance to bring the dreaded illness under control.

Coffee enema for detox

While studying the effects of coffee enema on the body, Dr Gerson found that it yields the wanted outcomes of improving bile production and liver functions making it possible for the body to remove deep-rooted toxic substances in the colon and liver. Such a detoxifying impact is among the most popular reasons that people enter the enema lifestyle.

While the majority of people know that a cup of coffee is a natural antioxidant, it works even better when utilised as an enema.

Soon after reaching the liver, caffeine rapidly increases the detox functions of the body cleansing the bloodstream and raising “Glutathione” levels in the body (a master antioxidant). These substances make a powerful combination when it concerns detoxification providing the liver all the help it needs in ridding the body of ingrained waste and faecal matter.

Coffee enema and weight loss

Another great thing that coffee enemas can do for you is to help the body in shaving off excess pounds. The amount of accumulated waste and dangerous deposits got rid of throughout the procedure can weigh up to 6 pounds. It is not surprising then that individuals taking a coffee enema frequently feel lighter and healthier after the treatment. How is this so?

A coffee enema does not merely cleanse the colon, however, can also positively influence the metabolic process. Following a coffee enema, the body can invest most of its’ energy-burning fatty deposits. If you are having problem slimming down and attempted practically whatever else, taking an enema as a part of your weight-loss regimen may merely be the key towards finally getting the results that you want.


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