Our Services

Pain and inflammation are closely linked, can occur in any part of the body and are triggered by a wide variety of factors. Sufferers often feel worn down and a sense of loss from reduced capacity; aside from the pain itself. Fortunately research has provided us with a number of powerful non-drug techniques and technologies to address these conditions which cause such devastating loss of quality of life and productivity. Most of my clients have reported experiencing profound benefits when working with me.

Money back guarantees. Clients have found such consistent relief that my most commonly used resources provide a money back guarantee with costs being refunded should they not respond well within 2-4 weeks. I find this has been an important benefit to the many who have already tried everything and spent a fortune in the process. Call now or email to set up an appointment to discuss your particular situation.

Services are available throughout North America and most English speaking countries overseas.

Anxiety/ Depression

Feeling anxious, depressed or experiencing other mental health issues is not caused by a deficiency of medications. Many non-drug resources now exist to help regain healthy emotional states and more and more sufferers have felt the benefits. Clients have found these technologies, tools and techniques so powerful that some of my most commonly used resources carry a 100% money back guarantee for costs of materials if clients do not obtain satisfactory relief within 2-4 weeks.

Call now or email to set up an appointment to discuss your particular situation. Most services are available throughout Canada and the continental United States.