Mr. David Gilbert came to my medical clinic six years ago and saw over 40 patients all day long for eight days at no cost to me or my clients. He worked with a variety of medical concerns using only the MRS2000MED device (now iMRS professional), audio/visual binaural brain entrainment/hemispheric integration equipment, an OTC supplement called “Equilib,” and a magnesium salt. The conditions he addressed varied from chronic headaches, depression, anxiety, PTSD and muscle and joint pains to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The results he obtained were nothing short of remarkable. My clients were so impressed with their progress that they wanted him to treat their family and friends as well, which he readily agreed to do. The sessions generally lasted from eight to thirty-two minutes, and improvement was seen in as quickly as just one or two treatments. One patient with severe depression, an otherwise very successful attorney who had not responded to conventional prescription anti-depressive agents, says the MRS2000MED plus the Equilib saved his life. He even purchased the MRS2000 to continue his treatments at home. Another client, who had difficulty focusing, had similar results, and he too also purchased a device. There were almost no clients out of the 40 or so that consulted with Mr. Gilbert that week who did not show significant evidence of benefit from their therapy. They all appreciated his warmth, caring, knowledge and skills. I too was so convinced of the value of the combined treatment using the MRS 2000 plus the Equilib nutritional supplement that I also purchased this amazing device and have used it with great success with my own patients for many years. I give Mr. Gilbert and his healing modalities my highest recommendation.